Areodynamics of Flight - Summary

In order to sustain an aircraft in flight, a pilot must understand how thrust, drag, lift, and weight act on the aircraft. By understanding the aerodynamics of flight, how design, weight, load factors, and gravity affect an aircraft during flight maneuvers from stalls to high speed flight, the pilot learns how to control the balance between these forces. For information on stall speeds, load factors, and other important aircraft data, always consult the AFM/POH for specific information pertaining to the aircraft being flown.

Completion Standards

  • Recall flight characteristics - longitudinal stability / instability
  • Recall flight characteristics - structural / wing design
  • Recall flight operations - maneuvers
  • Recall emergency conditions / procedures
  • Calculate aircraft performance - center of gravity
  • Recall aircraft performance - ground effect
  • Recall forces acting on aircraft - stalls / spins
  • Recall load factor - angle of bank
  • Recall load factor - characteristics
  • Recall load factor - effect of airspeed
  • Recall load factor - maneuvering / stall speed
  • Recall wake turbulence - characteristics / avoidance techniques

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